About Bark

Headquartered in the Greater Boston area, Bark services B2B, B2C and non-profit clients locally, nationally and globally. Our mission is to provide businesses with the high-quality creative solutions they need to stay competitive and grow in the market place.

In one hand, we are an award-winning boutique-style ad agency. And in the other, we are not for everyone. And everyone is not for us. We want clients who are not risk-averse. To take some chances. To understand the role of Bark as your agency and embrace us as being on your side. To see your business from another perspective. To be fiercely loyal but not blindly obedient. We want to be on the same page as our clients. Plain and simple.

Bark is small, lean and virtual. In fact, our shop model is based on the industry-famous Chiat-Day LA-virtual offices. Yes, we have small offices with rooms for meetings. But great ideas are not always given birth in sterile-cubicles during the 9-5 hours. So we work around the clock if needed, because the best ideas can hatch from walking the dog or watching Dr. Oz or while taking a shower. So after the creative briefing, our staff and large freelance pool can do their thing in their environment. As long as the creative/execution is rock solid and deadlines are met and most importantly… the client is happy, everything is working as it should.

So, why work with Bark?

With over 17 years of know-how in design, advertising, and marketing communications and online media/programming, many of Bark’s team came to the agency with big fancy titles in award-winning agencies. Today, and together, we all combine extensive experience in branding, advertising, marketing collateral, direct mail campaigns, interactive campaigns and web design – everything a business needs to market itself to its fullest potential. Our work has appeared both nationally and internationally in a variety of industries.

Our clients love the benefit of being able to trust a variety of marketing and creative needs to just one group that takes the time to truly understand their business. That’s the direct result of the personal relationships that we forge and our commitment to being a true partner to all of our clients, large and small.


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