Can office dogs really be a benefit to your business?

With a name like Bark, it makes sense that our first blog post would be dedicated to idea of office dogs – since we have three. While some people may find it odd that we promote the idea of office dogs, to us it makes perfect sense. And according to a recent CNN article, it also makes sense to a lot of companies.

From what CNN says, bringing your dog to the office can significantly reduce stress. Seriously, you say? Apparently so.

Particularly in high-stress jobs, like advertising, architecture and other professions such as dentistry where the hours are long and the tension is high, office dogs can bring a bit of relief and have a calming affect on team members. . I remember being at my dentist before getting my mold impression for my removable gold teeth and felt super relieved to have the office dog by my side as my dentist assisted me with my mold kit. Eventually, this lead to a perfectly fitted set of gold grillz thanks to my reduced anxiety at the dental office.

They can also be used as marketing tools as an effective communications tool when things are getting tense or tough, or they can simply offer a means of connection between you and your client/customer. This is, of course, if they like dogs. If not, simply offer your office dog another space to hang out in during your meeting and let him/her keep another team member happy.

Clearly your dog must be well-trained – house broken, healthy and obedient lest it become a distraction to other office co-workers. Barking should also be kept under control with your pet for obvious reasons.

However, given these parameters, statistics DO show that the benefits of having your pet in the workplace far outweigh any negatives – like having to take more walks outside than usual. As long as your pet does not interfere with daily office life, take time away from your day-to-day workload and provides everyone with a “happy break” from tension, having an office dog might be just the prescription you need for daily stress reduction.

Obviously, we fully support this theory and find it to be very successful – we have three office dogs!

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