Don’t Disappear Online During the Holidays!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the work place, the keyboards are silent, and monitors blank. With the excitement of the season and the holiday cheer, you forget about your social media, thinking “We can catch up next year!”

Your social silence was noticed and caused such a clatter, your followers sprang into action to see what was the matter. Away to their computers they flew like a flash, clicked open their browsers and saw posts from the past. Sad and disappointed, away they did run, searching for another company that would fill their social obsession.

Many offices shut down for the holiday season, it may only be for a day or two but sometimes it can be up to an entire week or more. But in your absence the world still turns and it may leave a noticeable void in your social media and put a damper in your social media marketing strategy–which could end up costing you valuable followers and eventually lead to a drop in sales.

Now don’t get your stockings all in bunch, there is still hope. I have put together five tips to help you fix this potential issue and all it involves is a few hours of preparation.

Plan Ahead

Think about the type of messages you want to send out during this busy time of the year, when you want to send them, and how you want to send them. Make each message unique, but revise a few and re-purpose them across multiple platforms. Don’t forget #hashtags for tweets and tagging for Facebook messages too.

Also consider using a social media editorial calendar, it can help keep your efforts organized and focused so your social media marketing plan stays on track. I suggest setting up your calendar to include days and times to message, themes to keep consistent throughout the month, cross promotion messaging, and those involved in setting up and executing the messaging. Many might not think it’s needed to set up a calendar, but trust me it really helps when you’re in a crunch during the busiest time of year – you’ll be wishing you prepared more!

Man Your Accounts

Having an employee or two posting live on your social media accounts during this time is always a plus, if it is possible. Customers like the one-on-one attention and the personal touch of a live tweet or message. However, if you are unable to have someone in the office then use the next best thing–your computer. During the two weeks leading up to Christmas, try to have accounts updated every few hours, around the clock. If you followed step one this should be easy to do since you already have a repository of messages just waiting to be sent out to the world.

Software like HootSuite offers scheduled post options and allows you to post on several accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. This way you don’t miss a beat with consumers who may want to know more about you while you are on vacation.

Go mobile

For those of you with smart phones, put those devices to use! Out shopping for last minute holiday gifts? Tweet about that sweet deal you just found! Found a great new recipe you would like to share? Post a blog about it and share the post through your social channels.

Can’t Avoid Going Dark?

If you can’t avoid it and you do end up going dark, let your followers know that you will offline for a few days and that you will be back. They will understand and may have a greater respect for you just for letting them know.

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