What we do

Bark is a hands-on, personal extension of your own marketing department or business. We get into your brand and work with you to get you to where you want to go.

The world is rapidly commoditizing, and your brand is more important than ever. Bark is a one-stop source for all your advertising and marketing needs to strengthen your brand positioning, corporate image and communications across all media.

We learn about your company, because in order to setup an effective marketing plan we need to learn as much as we can about your company. By defining objectives and spending time with your team, our team is better able to understand your goals and expectations for the marketing efforts. As a part of this,  Bark also conducts research of the market, competitors, your demographics, customer behaviors and more.

Our creative work is more than just an exercise in creativity. We seek to drive customer loyalty and sales in a market place in which customers are becoming less and less loyal to brands. Everything you do, on and offline, affects this. And that is the goal of our creative – to have an effect.

Because pretty isn’t good enough – RESULTS are the measure (although what we create is definitely good looking..)

There are bigger agencies out there, but Bark is one of the few “new breed” firms that has re-focused attention on personal relationships with our clients, plenty of ongoing communication, fair pricing for creative marketing and advertising materials all organizations need while enjoying the process along the way.


Main services

+Design and Print
The eyes are our gatekeepers to the world. Everything we create must be beautiful enough to steal gazes and cause traffic accidents. Name the medium, we’ve created it. From conception to design, our innovative creative for sales collateral, brochures, annual reports, advertising, direct mail and environments has received numerous accolades and has led our clients to market success and growth.

[toggle title="Websites"]A website is your organization’s calling card, and often your first impression. We don’t just create great sites, we help you navigate the development process (and the innumerable and often daunting considerations that come with it). This means listening to your needs, determining the most ideal site organization and staying on top of the latest design and programming trends.[/toggle]
+Social Media
Social media isn’t a passing fad. For our B2B and B2C client alike, it’s an important customer lifeline that creates conversation, fosters trust and nurtures relationships. From creating branded Facebook and Twitter content, LInkedIn presence, and now Google Plus, our social-media design is relevant, targeted and effective.

We build brands by hand so they’re more memorable, meaningful and beautiful – from company or product name, to taglines all the way to the very important logo. Bark is vigilant in the pursuit of market research in your industry so that the logo/brand is strategically created to help establish your brand and differentiate you from your competition. In other words, we know you need to establish or grow market share, or to take market share from competitors. Our brands make that happen.

+Campaign Development
Being in the business of communication means we are passionate about creating innovative ideas for extraordinary brands, and discovering new ways to connect with consumers. We produce meaningful cross-platform ideas and campaigns for online, broadcast, outdoor and print media, and social media.

+Video and Interactive
Video content is a critical component of virtually all online strategies.
Bark has he ability to deliver fully realized brand videos, online content and motion graphics. So whether it be an actual shoot or fully developed in flash, with or without voice overs. Radio, tv or online, broadcast and video should be a part of your marketing mix.



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