Corporate Identity & Branding


There is one reason to contemplate changing a company name: if you can make more money by doing it. This decision is not taken lightly and Bark will guide you through the naming and decision process.

The are distinct advantages to having a professional brand naming company handle the naming of your business or product naming. Great names are the cheapest form of marketing. Word-of-mouth communicates brand ideas more efficiently than any advertising campaign. With over 10-years of naming experience, brand naming specialists within Bark understand how communicate your branding strategy through the a memorable name. As part of our naming services, we screen all names against potential trademark conflicts before presenting recommendations to clients, as well as do extensive URL research to ensure that there are viable options for your new name.


Your image starts with your mark. A logo is the most visible element of your brand. Reinforced everywhere, a successful image opens new doors. Our forte is thought-provoking logo design and branding ideas crafted to strengthen our clients’ brand positioning. This is the essence of our corporate identity, logo design services. Our intelligent design process for logo art and brand development starts in the same way we approach any new creative project: with an intelligent situation review. Clients are then given a wide range of creative choices and rationales from which to narrow the field.

Corporate Identity & Stationary

Bark knows professional stationary design will be the key element to your company’s advertising. It’s what we do. In today’s consumer-driven society having professional stationary for your business is a must. Personalized business cards, letterhead and envelopes give your company that professional look that is necessary to stay afloat. Keep in mind that your stationary speaks on behalf of your company before you’ll ever get a chance to. If a customer receives a home-made business card of yours, what impression will they have of your business? Stationary is branding 101. Let us help you give your business the look it deserves.


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