Social Media

Social media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn allow you to build a network of people and share elements of your life, your business, your organization or your cause with them. What was originally thought of as a way for friends and acquaintances to stay in touch more regularly has evolved into a true promotional medium of it’s own. Businesses, philanthropies, charitable causes, religious groups and government organizations are using social media sites to build a base of fans or followers and communicate with all of them simultaneously on a personal level. Social media is transcending communication formats such as direct mail, email marketing and newsletters by increasing the frequency of communication, the relevancy of the communication and virtually eliminating the cost to reach an unlimited number of interested people who have self selected or chosen to belong to a specific social network. The applications are limited to only your imagination.

Bark offers strategy and design for all of your social media pages to help boost your brand awareness, sales goals, whatever it might be that your company is looking to accomplish from this exciting medium!


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